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University of British Columbia

'salala'  |  2015


The first cabin in the woods, kicking off the relationship between Camp Fircom on Gambier Island, and SALA at UBC

SALALA Design and Build Team Leaders:
Lys Hermanski and Taylor Fahy

SALALA Build Team:
Tai Adler, Vahid Farbod, Aaron Logan, Emily Seider, Nicole Tischler

Instructor: Greg Johnson


'salamander' and 'salarium'  |  2016




Two simultaneous projects were completed in one year, again staff accommodation cabins, deep in the woods at Camp Fircom. 

SALARIUM Design and Build team:
Kevin Isherwood, Ryder Thalheimer, Olivia Dagnault-Duschenes, Andjela Vasic, Breanna Mitchell, Amalie Lambert, Johanna Becker

SALAMANDER Design and Build team:
Chris Torres, Kelsy Whitten, Jeremie Dussault-Lefebvre, Sebastien Roy, Alyssa Brosch

On-site Instructor: Lys Hermanski
Instructor: Greg Johnson


'Forest chapel' + 'Archery pavilion'  |  2017




The third season of the SALA students at Camp Fircom lead to two new types of programs: gathering space and archery platform. The two groups had very different designs for the two different needs of the camp. 

ARCHERY RANGE Design and Build Team:
Alex Preiss, Josh Potvin, Rachel Kao, Jose Gottret, Felix Lalonde Lavergne, Lance Sy, Samantha Carnevale, Dylan Maeers, Arron Griffioen, Diego Ortiz Barragan, Amanda Jhering, Marsha  Farrow

FOREST CHAPEL Design and Build Team:
Pauline Moskal, Pera Hardy, Azin Estesami, Christine Rohrbacher, Brittany Shalagan, Camille Bianchi

On-site Instructors: Lys Hermanski + Ryder Thalheimer
Instructor: Greg Johnson


'boat shelter'  |  2018


A much needed boat and waterfront equipment shelter. Replacing a shipping container, this design held up to the challenge of organizing and framing the available space. Set between two massive trees, the site provided both programmatic and logistic constraints to create a delicate mesh of nature and built form. 

BOAT SHELTER Design and Build team:
Tory Michak, Alena Pavan, Niloufar Goodarzi, Samuel McFaul, Mark De Souza, Nicolas Dagenais-Lussier, Vivian Lim, Amy Wu, Natradee Quek, Kathy Oke, Will Reive

On-site Instructor: Lys Hermanski
Instructor: Greg Johnson

Shout out thank you to Breanna Mitchell and Graham Entwhistle


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